Vakantiehuis Type A

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Vakantiehuis aan het water Type APlattegrond Vakantiehuis type A

Holiday Home at the water Type A

Holiday home type A is has one floor and can be build on lots of various sizes. the lots, including water, variate between 329m2 to 410m2. Luxury holiday home type A has a gross floor area of 90.6 m2.

This luxury holiday home has an entance hall, living room with a kitchenette, hallway, toilet and bathroom, twho bedrroms and a storeroom. Nine of the total of fifteen holiday homes of type A have already been built. Who does not dream of a second home in an attractive water rich invironment. The remaining lots intended for the luxurious holiday home type A are No. 26.

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New Holiday home at the waterfront type A

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