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Holiday Home Type C

Recreational home type C are built at the Marinapark Tacozijl. These recreational homes are exceptionally spacious. They are situated West of Watersports Centre Tacozijl.

There are parsels free where a cottage type C can be built on. All homes are next to open waters and have a hardwooden jetty over teh full length of the plot including four more poles.

Room for personal interpretation
Recreational home type C has two storeys. The ground floor of the house consists of an entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, hallway and storage room.

From the living room you have a staircase down to the two bedrooms. There is a staircase from the living room to another floor, where there is room for the bathroom, bedroom and a sill free to fill space.

Recreational home type C has a total gross floor area of 101.7 m2.

Wide selection of plots
You can choose from plots of various sizes for recreational home type C. The plots include water and range from 415 m2 to 425 m2.

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New Holiday home at the waterfront Type C

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