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Buy a holiday home on the water in Friesland. Wonderful relaxation, plenty of recreation, unique sailing routes, water and beaches to enjoy and plenty of entertainment. The location of the holiday homes and chalets in the heart of a dynamic recreational area can therefore rightly be called unique.
"PUUR GENIETEN" at this beautiful location; buy a holiday home on the water with an open boating connection to the Frisian Lakes.

Enjoyment and investment go hand in hand!

Opportunities for waterfront holiday homes in Friesland - with an emphasis on recreation - are very limited. Marinapark Tacozijl does offer you that possibility. Surely it is your dream, to be able to take the boat from your cottage or luxury chalet and discover the water sports areas in Friesland, Flevoland and Overijssel? Download the brochure here

You are welcome to visit our park and holiday homes, please make an appointment.
You can call: Mr. A. Schokker (06-53916626) or Mr. S. Neve ( 06-10328366).

Waterfront holiday home type A

All on one level. Type A holiday home is built on plots of different sizes. The plots, including water, range from 329m2 to 410m2. Luxury holiday home consists of one living level with a gross floor area of 90.6m2. This luxury holiday home has an entrance hall, living room with open kitchen, hallway toilet and bathroom, two bedrooms and a storage room. A total of nine of the 15 type A holiday homes have been built. Who doesn't dream of a second home in an attractive watery environment.

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Waterfront holiday home type B

Holiday home type B bgg

Holiday home type B is the ideal investment for a second home. If you are looking for a second home in Friesland, holiday home type B at Marinapark Tacozijl may be the right choice for you. This holiday home is built on plots of different sizes. The plots including water range from 404 m2 to 520 m2. Holiday home type B is located in the Marinapark Tacozijl in Friesland and has a special layout. All holiday homes are located west of Watersport Tacozijl. There are 13 type B holiday homes being built. All holiday homes are located along open waterways and have a hardwood jetty along the full length of the plot with four mooring posts.
Unique layout, Holiday home type B has a special layout. The holiday home has three floors. The living room with open kitchen is on the first floor. The holiday home has a spacious covered terrace with stunning views over the water. The terrace measures no less than 14.9 m2. The ground floor consists of an entrance, kitchen, hall, toilet, bathroom and in the basement there are three bedrooms. The holiday home also has an indoor storage room of 6.2 m2 on the ground floor. The total gross floor area of this holiday home is 131.5 m2.
The ideal second home.  As already mentioned, this type of holiday home is a unique property and an excellent second home. Your (possible) second home is located on open water in Friesland and has a spacious plot. If, after reading the above information, you are interested in buying this type of holiday home, please contact Tacozijl. Of course, Marinapark Tacozijl also has other types of holiday homes that might appeal (more) to you as a second home. Take a look at holiday home type A and type C. N

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Waterfront holiday home type C

holiday home type Choliday home type C

Holiday home type C is located in the Marinapark. This recreational home is particularly spacious.

All holiday homes are located on open waterways and have a hardwood jetty including four mooring posts along the full length of the plot. Space for own interpretation, Holiday home C has three floors. The ground floor of the holiday home consists of an entrance hall, living room, kitchen, toilet, corridor and storage room. From the living room, stairs lead to the basement to the 2 bedrooms. The stairs from the living room lead to the top floor where there is room for the bathroom, 1 bedroom and a room that is still free to be filled in. Recreational home type C has a total gross floor area of 101.7 m2.

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