Water sports events

Friesland at its best!

Friesland is known as a beautiful water sports province with plenty of tranquillity. But besides this tranquillity, Friesland is also bustling with life, especially in spring and summer. If you come to us during those months holiday home, campsite and/or boat hire, then you will never be bored. Large events focusing on water sports are regularly organised throughout the province.

Rent a boat from us or come with your own boat; all our holiday homes have their own mooring. So you can experience Friesland's amazing water sports events the way they are best experienced: from the water! Through the ideal location of Watersports Centre Tacozijl on the open Frisian water, you can easily reach any place.

Some events worth visiting every year:

Steam pumping station Regatta: In September, all ships will gather in Lemmer at Tacozijl where a welcome drink will be held in the cosy harbour restaurant "de Eerste Aanleg" from 20:00 in the evening. Saturday there will be palaver at 10:00 while enjoying coffee and Frisian Sugar Bread also in "de Eerste Aanleg". At 12:00 the race will be sailed on the IJsselmeer. After the race, drinks will be served to exchange race experiences and a spectacular "Captains Diner" will be served after which the award ceremony will take place. Until the late hours, there will be the opportunity to enjoy a drink with musical entertainment.

SkutsjesilenEvery year in August, Friesland is once again under the spell of Sk├╗tsjesilen. An old tradition that once originated as a competition between skippers who had no cargo to carry but wanted to earn a little extra. Nowadays, it is an event that attracts great public interest and around which many events are organised. The event also calls at Lemmer twice, so at Tacozijl you are right in the middle of the action!


Sneekweek: The annual event Sneekweek is perhaps Friesland's most famous water sports event. Always held in the first week of August, it is always a party for young and old! Many sailing races are held during Sneekweek, which of course are best experienced from the water. After the races, the centre of Sneek is the perfect place to end the evening.

Sloeing: always an impressive sight, rowing teams sailing by sloop through the Frisian waters to cross the finish line first. There are several sloop races every year in different places that you too can take part in!

More to be found on the events calendar of Friesland.

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