Orchideeën Hoeve, the most fun day trip of Flevoland in 2016 The Orchideeën Hoeve

Discover, experience, enjoy, laugh and admire in the Orchideeën Hoeve! Walk on adventurous jungle paths with waterfalls, catwalks and rock formations. Enjoy the diversity of the orchid family and learn everything about tropical beauties like the bird of paradise flower, passionflower or the staghorn fern. Discover the tropical birds, cheeky monkeys, mysterious reptiles and beautiful Koi. See a thousand colourful butterflies flutter in the Vlinder Vallei en let yourself be entertained by dozens of clownesque little parrots in the Lorituin. The Orchideeën Hoeve is completely indoor, wheelchair accessible and open seven days a week. It is free to park and is interesting and fun for visitors of all ages.

Experience far away continents up close!

25.000 m2 tropical flora and fauna under one roof.

Have you ever made a world trip? Visit the biggest tropical gardens in Europe and travel from continent to continent in the Orchideeën Hoeve. Discover a world full of natural colours and scents from Central-America, Australia and Asia. Entirely indoor, wheelchair accessible and child friendly.

The wondrous world of butterflies, Lorikeets and orchids

Thousands of different kinds of wild and rare orchids, tropical birds, colourful lorikeets, reptiles and Koi are brought together in a natural way in the Malaysian garden, orchid garden and Lorikeet garden. And more than 2.000 butterflies flutter in butterfly valley, Europe’s biggest butterfly garden.

New: Lorikeet garden

Discover more than eighty colourful Rainbow Lorikeets in the Lorikeet garden. Feed the little parrots yourself with a feeder of nectar. A unique experience for all ages!

For all ages

The Orchideeën Hoeve is a mix of enjoyment, tropical nature and culture, flower shops and delicious food and drinks in the conservatory restaurant. Children can join an exciting scavenger hunt and play around in the play paradise; an indoor playground with a lot of water with lizards and turtles.

All of the gardens are indoor and wheelchair accessible.
Dogs are permitted if they are on a leash.
Welcome to the Orchideeën Hoeve!

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00
Sunday and Holidays 10:00 – 18:00

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