Update April 13, 2021

Sanitary building
Our sanitary building has been opened with RIVM measures.

The Restaurant is closed. (pick-up possible on weekends)

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in all public and covered areas.
A curfew will apply throughout the Netherlands. It is forbidden to be on the street without a valid reason from 10 p.m. to 4.30 a.m.


You are welcome. This is permitted, provided we meet the following conditions of the stricter measures of the national government and the Fryslân Security Region. For the most up-to-date information about measures regarding the Corona virus in Friesland, please visit:

The holiday fun must be able to take place in a responsible manner. All holiday homes, chalets and motor cruisers have their own sanitary facilities. The chemical toilet and service area for campers is located on the outside of the toilet building, it is only intended for our own seasonal guests and passers-by.

Health of our guests and employees is paramount. We will therefore strictly enforce these RIVM measures. If you do not comply with these rules, you will be immediately asked by the competent authority to leave our company.


We expect everyone to adhere to the RIVM guidelines. Everyone takes their responsibility, so that together we prevent further spread. The most important;

With mild complaints such as a cold, sore throat, sneezing, fever, everyone in the family stays at home!

  • We keep 1.5 m distance everywhere!
  • Gathering is not allowed!
  • We limit our social contacts!
  • Think of your own hygiene and that of others!


Reception / Harbor office / Watersports shop / Gas station

The harbor office is open from Monday to Friday during office hours.
The gas station is open, but only self-service.
All communication is preferably by e-mail or telephone.
We have a door policy, come with 1 person at a time.
We keep 1.5 m. away from each other and do not shake hands.
Pay with card only.

Rental accommodations / boat rental / sloops & day boats
You are welcome! Only if you come from one household with your own partner or family. We hold 1.5m. away from each other and do not shake hands. Pay with card only.

Pitching camper and caravan
The tourist places are open, you are welcome if you come from one household with your own partner or family. And if you have your own sanitary facilities in the camper / caravan.

Important to know: at the moment, the corona virus is not a valid reason for cancellation free of charge. In addition, it is also not covered by cancellation insurance. Costs of a cancellation are calculated according to the Recron and Hiswa conditions.
holiday accommodation conditions – tourist accommodation conditions

Own holiday homes / chalets / mobile homes
If you have your own holiday home, chalet or mobile home, you can just come. Only if you come from one household with your own partner or family.
You have your own sanitary facilities and can use them.

Day visit / visit
In this exceptional situation, we ask you not to invite guests, visitors or third parties to your own accommodation.
Think of group formation, meetings and the two-person rule.
Recreational use of facilities by others
See above. We currently do not allow third parties to enter our company.

Marina and winter storage
Port guests remain welcome, provided that they can use their own sanitary facilities on board. Only if you come from one household with your own partner or family. We ask everyone to take the measures into account, also keep a distance of 1.5 m on the jetties! There it is extra necessary to give others space.
Guests who wish to leave the jetty have priority. This Guest turns to a point where a distance of 1.5 meters can be observed. Gathering is not allowed!

We ask you to keep 1.5 meters away from others in all parts of our entire site. The air trampoline is accessible to children up to 12 years old, but be sensible.
If it gets too crowded, find another place to play with your children. Keep 1.5 meters away. If this does not work, we will close the air trampoline. Think of your own hygiene and that of others, no gathering allowed, minimal social contact.

Prohibition of group formation throughout our company
The most important measure is the ban on group formation, gatherings and events. Group formation is referred to when more than two people come within one and a half meters of each other. Families from one household are exempt from the two-person rule.

These measures can be adjusted by the national government in the meantime. The safety of you and our staff is central to our regulations.
The above measures apply for the time being until April 28, 2021.

We hope for your understanding. Stay healthy and take good care of each other.

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